We called up a GM dealership and inquired about the Spark LPG. The salesman told us that the Spark LPG is capable of a mileage of 13.75kmpl. It has a range of 355kms and has a 26.2 litre tank. In addition to the LPG tank, the Spark LPG has a petrol tank of 33 litres. The car is Rs. 30,000 dearer than its non-LPG counterpart and is available in PS and LS variants. However the most interesting part of the conversation was when we tried to show dis-interest in the Spark due to GM bankruptcy. The salesman told us that only GM UK is affected by bankruptcy and not India. Yes you read that right, GM UK. He said that Obama had done something, blah-blah. So we said that we are looking at a Maruti. To which he said that the Spark has a discount of Rs. 40,000 and has a bigger wheelbase.