BMW CoffeeCan you imagine BMW on your
coffee? Well BMW happens to be one of the leading luxury car brands
in the world and is using a very innovative medium to advertise its
products in Australia. This innovative medium is Coffee. Yes the
beverage we all love so much.

By Coffee i don’t mean that they have started to make coffee beans
or started their own coffee shop like starbucks but they are
advertising their cars on coffee cups. Coffee is a widely-consumed
stimulant beverage and is one of the most sought after drink by all
age groups.You wont have a crave for Coke or Pepsi but you would surely have a
crave for coffee. Coffee cup advertising is a very interesting
advertising concept. Now who would have thought that you can
advertise on consumable products. This service is offered by
EatMedia – Australia’s first and
thus the largest coffee cup advertising company in Australia. We
all love BMWs don’t we, after all its the ultimate driving machine
(to a certain extent) and now we can enjoy looking at a Bimmer
while sipping coffee. I find this new concept to be extremely well
thought off and who could have imagined coffee as a medium to
advertise their brand.