Indian Big Chief Custom Wallpaper

Earlier this week, we reported about Indian Motorcycles’ arrival in the Indian market in January 2014. The company will be launching three motorbikes here namely the Chief Classic, Chief Vintage and Chieftain. All these bikes are luxury tourers aiming to provide comfort as well as style. Indian Motorcycles, which is fully owned by Polaris, showcased the Big Chief Custom at the International Motorbike Show in New York. The Big Chief Custom is a fully customized bike based on the Chief Classic.

The custom project was taken up by the Industrial Design department of Polaris. The team took a wide array of Genuine Indian Motorcycle accessories and fitted them on the Chief Classic and also gave the bike a completely customised paint job. The Big Chief Custom also features a custom billet girder front fork. Indian Motorcycles provides a huge range of official accessories and modifications to their customers to design a bike completely to their taste and the main intent of designing the Big Chief Custom was to convey to the customers that they can take customization up to a whole new level based on their imagination.

The older bikes from Indian Motorcycles used to come with a billet aluminium girder front end and it is good to know that this part has made its way to the Big Chief Custom. It is because of the fully machined uprights and cross-members of the girder forks and the addition of a 23-inch front wheel that the motorbike gets a complete vintage look. The custom version also features a redesigned front fender, shock and front headlight. Indian Motorcycles has also added a springer style seat to the Big Chief Custom which was pretty common until 1939 when the company developed it’s first rear suspension to increase the comfort levels a bit.

However, keeping in mind the present conditions, Indian Motorcyles has added a modern single shock under the seat which promises to provide a smooth and fatigue-free ride even over long distances. The manufacturer has also showcased a new series of accessories called the “Pinnacle Series”. This series of accessories includes the Pinnacle Cam Cover, Pinnacle Primary Cover, Chrome Pinnacle Grips on Beach Bars, Stage 1 exhaust sporting Fish Tail Tips. War Bonnet Floorboard Pads, a Heel Shifter and a chrome Rear Fender Bumper are some of the other accessories that are on offer.

The Big Chief Custom will be showcased in various cities across the United States. With some amazing bikes in their portfolio, the company will surely find quite a few takers here. One thing that is surely guaranteed with these mean machines is road presence!

Indian Big Chief Custom

Indian Big Chief Custom Front

Indian Big Chief Custom Seat

Indian Big Chief Custom Seat

Indian Big Chief Custom Wheel