Continental One Channel ABS

As the introduction of sports bikes and performance figures of motorcycles is increasing in India, there is a rising necessity of high-tech ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) on our roads. India is on the top spot amongst other nations when it comes to highest number of road accidents. Continental, an international automotive supplier has just announced the introduction of a one-channel ABS for smaller motorcycles and scooters, developed specially for cost-sensitive markets including India.

The one-channel ABS from Continental will be introduced in India in early 2014. Most of the accidents are contributed by two-wheelers, which can be prevented to a great extent with the help of ABS, which provides stability and control to the vehicle during panic braking situations. Continental has come up with a light and small ABS system which has a box volume of less than 300cc and weighs about 420 grams. It can be easily applied and is suitable to a wide range of two-wheelers.

The automotive supplier believes that the widespread use of ABS for motorcycles and scooters would contribute considerably in reducing the number of serious injuries and fatalities on Indian roads. At present, we can see almost every car manufacturer offering ABS at least as an option across all models in India. Two-wheeler makers have also started introducing ABS on bikes but mostly people prefer to buy non-ABS versions due to their significantly cheaper price. With the introduction of the new cost effective one-channel ABS, we can expect more ABS equipped motorcycles in our market.

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