The Datsun GO’s body structure is so weak that even airbags won’t help it pass Global NCAPs crash test. Global NCAP says it is disappointed to see Nissan launch an unsafe car like the GO in the year 2014.

Datsun GO Test Track Experience
The Datsun GO lacks structural rigidity and isn’t safe in case of a crash

Safety isn’t a much talked about topic in India as people prefer to buy cars with good fuel efficiency, low price and more equipment rather than safety features and build quality. Indian roads are one of the unsafest in the world and while there are global manufacturers present in the country, none seem to care one hoot about the customer who is at a huge risk driving their unsafe cars. While we can’t blame manufacturers as customers themselves don’t demand safety, we do blame the government. The Datsun GO failed the NCAP crash test and so did the Swift. Both the manufacturers conveniently defended themselves by saying that their cars meet Indian safety regulations!

Global NCAP has released a press note where it mentions that UN crash test standards would make cars safer in India. The organisation is happy to see India planning to set-up NCAP but is insisting that UN standards be adopted which are followed in all developed countries, else the point of NCAP would be defeated. Nissan has faced a lot of criticism from NCAP for the Datsun GO.

We welcome the initiative of the Indian government to launch its own NCAP…. Prompt action like this would prevent the introduction of brand new models like the Datsun GO, which has a body structure so weak that it is pointless to fit an airbag. It is disappointing to see a global company like Nissan launch a new car design in 2014 that so clearly falls below UN safety standards – David Ward, Secretary General, Global NCAP said.

Global NCAP has clearly stated that due to the body structure of the Datsun GO failing in a crash, airbags would be of no use. Meanwhile the Maruti Swift with airbags cleared the crash test with 3 stars. This news comes at the wrong time for Nissan as the company recently unveiled their new TV commercial which shows the automaker taking a dig at Maruti Suzuki. Considering the poor safety of the Datsun GO, should the Japanese automaker reconsider the launch of the GO+ MPV in the country. Nissan has said that it is willing to adopt and help evolve standards in vehicle safety so we await to see how the company tackles the safety related issues of its entry-level India offering.

Datsun GO Global NCAP
The Datsun GO scored very poorly in the Global NCAP test, getting 0 stars