The new Honda RC213V-S is the road-going version of the championship RC213V MotoGP bike and has been developed with inputs from several MotoGP riders.

Power will come from the 1000cc in-line V4 engine producing over 200 HP

Easily one of the most anticipated unveils at the Milan EICMA Show this year, Honda has finally debuted the RC213V-S or better known as the road going prototype of the RC213V MotoGP bike. With inputs coming from several MotoGP riders, the RC213V-S is the closest you can come to riding a class MotoGP bike for an exorbitantly high price that is worth every penny. Heavily inspired from the RC213V, the road going version essentially looks the same, albeit with license plates and lights.

Developed by Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) and Honda Motor, the Japanese manufacturer has used carbon fibre extensively in the making of the RC213V-S. While the specifications have not been revealed as yet, you can expect the 1000cc in-line, V4 engine to do duty, churning out over 200 HP of soul crushing power. In addition, the road going model will also get several technologies including suspension, gearbox as well as driver aid electronic systems like slide control and launch control to keep the supersports bike planted at audaciously high speeds.

Celebrating 100 years of the EICMA show, Honda showcased the RC213V-S in two versions with the show bike painted in the Japanese flag livery, while the functioning model was ridden on to the stage by Honda’s MotoGP rider and world champion Marc Marquez sporting complete carbon fibre clothing. In addition to the RC213V-S, the manufacturer has also showcased the Honda Africa off-road motorcycle prototype at the show. No word on the production version has been announced yet for the RC213V-S.

2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype Unveil
The RC213V-S is based on the 2013 RC213V MotoGP winner
2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype Side
The RC213V-S makes use of extensive carbon fibre for the body
2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype Rear
The RC213V-S has been developed by Honda Racing Corporation
2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype Front
Specifications have not been announced as yet of the prototype
2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype EICMA
The RC213V-S show model has been wrapped in Japanese flag livery