Japanese automaker Datsun has teased a picture of what appears to be a concept for an entry-level compact crossover, which will be unveiled later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Datsun Concept Vehicle Teaser
The new concept is based on the CMF-A platform which also underpins the Kwid

The Datsun brand was revived by Nissan in 2013, after a huge gap of 30 years. The company first launched the GO entry-level hatchback and then went on to introduce the GO+ which is an entry-level MPV. Both the cars failed to sell as per market and company expectations due to the fact that the brand was relatively new in India back then. The Japanese automaker has been readying a new vehicle and the company has just teased the concept.

In the teaser picture, all we can see is a small part of the grille, a minor part of the body cladding, the head lamp and the fog lamp. The concept is reportedly based on the CMF-A platform but there are no other details about the vehicle yet. As you can see, the grille seems to have the typical cuts that are seen on the GO. The CMF-A platform is used on the recently launched Renault Kwid too. Nissan is also developing a new I2 hatchback that will be similar to the Kwid but will have different interiors and a new engine.

It is speculated that the new concept could be an entry-level compact crossover. Nissan had confirmed that the redi-GO concept was for the I2 hatchback which is slated for a March 2016 launch and it will supposedly be slightly cheaper than the Kwid. The new concept will be showcased completely at the Tokyo Motor Show which begins on 28th October and until then we can only wait and watch. The new concept seems quite exciting and will be a product to look forward to if developed well and offered at a good price.

Datsun redi-GO Auto Expo India
The upcoming I2 hatchback is based on the redi-GO concept