Datsun Budget Sedan Front Render

Budget cars, small cars and entry level cars are the few words that lure almost all car manufacturers in India, as they are associated with large volume business. That is the reason why every company, especially the Japanese ones, which enter India, always dream of gunning down Maruti Suzuki. Similarly, one such car manufacturer with bigger goals is considering Datsun, a low cost car brand, to fulfill their dream. We saw the leaked images of Datsun’s sedan, ‘NKD2196’, which revealed many details. Now, following those images a speculative render is out on the web which looks pretty impressive. The render gives a clear idea about how superficially the car will look like.

We had covered the details on exteriors of the NKD2196 in our previous post. Apart from those details, some more details emerge in these images such as the Datsun logo shaped grill which looks great in between the sharp headlight pair. There is a power bulge at the bonnet which executes the front very well. Side profile is bit simple but finished well with blackened B=pillar and some chrome window lining. The rear portion has contemporary styling and creates good aesthetic appeal with just some creases on the boot. The red strip run between the two tail light clusters which also adds that look to the design. One notable thing here is the full grown boot which should be around 550+ litres in capacity. The overall proportions of the car are good and adhere to the normal acceptable design style. Although this is a speculative render, it clarifies that unlike the other ‘budget cars’, this car can also look good.

We know that Datsun cars will come to life no sooner than 2014. So currently this car might be still going through the ideation or conceptualization phase. Thus leakage of such detailed images to the media can prove very dangerous for the company. It creates the fog around authenticity of these images. On the other side, we can also see that the source of these images is from Russia which is one of the major targeted markets and where Lada Granta is produced. Reportedly, NKD2196 is based on the same car platform and can spawn out from Lada Granta itself.

Also a lot of developmental work on this car is going on in Russia, which favors the authenticity of images. These images are getting leaked at certain intervals, which may be an intentional act also. But with these images, Datsun is able to create and maintain a buzz around this project for sure even prior to its inception. Whatever may be the reality, the car we are looking at is absolutely a good looker and the best amongst the current ‘budget cars’ in India. We are sure to welcome the Datsun sedan if it looks like these ‘leaked images’.

Datsun Budget Sedan Rear Render

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