DC Design Ford EcoSport Wallpaper

The Indian design firm DC Design has lately produced a slew of vehicles which have been modified to look appealing on the outside and satiate the crave for luxury on the inside. This customisation house is not rigid on a particular brand. It has modified nearly everything from luxury vehicles including the Rolls Royce to humble vehicles like the Renault Duster. This time around, it is the Ford EcoSport that undergoes a restyling job.

The DC modified Ford EcoSport has received quite a few changes on the exterior. The showcase car is black in colour which in our opinion is aesthetically tasteful while the distinctive orange colour available as stock would not appeal to everyone. The three-slat grille on the front is replaced by a massive open mesh grille that can take in sizeable quantity of air of the engine needs better breathing.

The bumper up front has been redesigned completely. LED lights and turn indicators are housed at the original headlamp section while the new headlamps are inspired by the new Jeep Grand Cherokee launched a few months ago. Fog lamps are placed right below the headlamps. No solid details with regards to the side profile, rear end and alloy wheels are available as yet.

However, the interiors on this modified Ford EcoSport have been completely overhauled. The seating arrangement goes from being 2+3 format to 2+2 format. Saying it is opulent would be an understatement when compared to the stock car. The compact SUV gets reclining captain seats at the rear with the convenience of two large LCD screens that make up for the infotainment. The centre console gets a new head unit replacing the Ford SYNC head unit. The front passenger seat can be conveniently folded to rest legs with ease.

Mood lighting adds to the feel of luxury to this EcoSport which is wrapped in beige all around on the inside. However, the AC vent on the centre armrest is a bit odd on this car since this is a small car and the armrest would not feel all that big for well-built drivers. All in all, this a job well done by the design house while the pricing details for the same is yet to be divulged. Looks are subjective and what might appeal to one person may not be appealing enough for another. Do let us know if this DC designed Ford EcoSport appeals to you?

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