The Indian Government is trying harder to make diesel cars unaffordable to the general public, first they raised the diesel prices then the insurance rates were hiked now the registrations rates are also hiked. Delhi is the first state where this rule has been implemented; the increment is not less than 25 per cent. A Low price diesel car will cost at least Rs 6000 more for registration, while the hike could be in the range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 for high end luxury cars and goods carriers. In Delhi on an average there are 1200 – 1400 cars being registered daily out of which 30 per cent are diesel cars.

The Government officials said that diesel vehicles attracting four per cent of the total cost as registration fee will now have to pay five per cent while vehicles having to pay seven per cent tax will have to pay 8.75% as registration fee. Which means the high end luxury cars will attract 12.5 per cent fee against the previous 10 per cent. This whole plan was proposed by Delhi CM Shelia Dikshit who wants discourage people to buy diesel cars as they harm the environment. This race between petrol\diesel prices looks never ending and the common man only has to suffer.