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20 days straight and the fuel price continues to rise across the country

Fuel prices are touching the sky as oil companies increase the rates every day since 7th June. 2 days back diesel overtook petrol price and today after 20th consecutive day of increase in rates, diesel and petrol price are almost at par.

Diesel price in Delhi is Rs. 80.19 per litre, which is an increase of Rs. 10.19 per litre since 6th June. There is a whopping 13.47 percent rise in diesel price since the past 20 days.

Now petrol price in Delhi is currently Rs. 80.13 per litre. It witnesses an increase of Rs. 8.87 per litre since 6th June. There is a rise of 11.07 percent in the rates of petrol in Delhi.

Meanwhile in Mumbai, diesel price is currently Rs. 78.51 per litre, an increase of Rs. 10.3 per litre since 6th June. There is a 13.12 percent increase in rates of diesel in Mumbai.

The petrol price in Mumbai is currently Rs. 86.91 per litre. It is a hike of Rs. 8.59 per litre since 6th June with 9.88 percent price rise.

This rampant increase in fuel price will make things worse in the automobile industry along with other industries of course that are already suffering due to the ongoing pandemic.

It becomes quite a huge task for the automakers to analyse and work on their long term projects accordingly because of the fluctuating fuel price. With the BS6 transition, many players have backed out with their diesel offerings. While some carmakers are continuing to offer diesel in BS6 guise. The consistent rise in fuel price will definitely affect the sales of cars and 2-wheelers.

Diesel Petrol Price

  • Fuel price hiked for 20th consecutive day across the country
  • Diesel price in Delhi stands at Rs. 80.19 per litre
  • Petrol price in Delhi is currently Rs. 80.13 a litre
Diesel Petrol Price
Diesel price has increased considerably in Delhi matching the petrol price now