So you think buying a diesel car is not all that good for the environment and diesel cars give more CO2 emissions? You also think that you should do your bit for the environment and buy the overpriced Honda Civic Hybrid?

Tests by environmental website Clean Green Cars have confirmed that current petrol/battery hybrids offer no significant CO2 advantage over an equivalent diesel of similar performance.

It’s not new, but the extra information is valuable for people trying to make a rational decision about a diesel or hybrid purchase.

The test by CGC used three hybrids and three diesels in similar circumstances and the fuel consumption figures showed the diesels generally used less fuel – and therefore emitted less CO2 – than the hybrids.

Here’s how it worked out (hybrids first):

Toyota Prius vs. Jeep Patriot 2.0 CRD
Toyota Prius – 7.1 litres/100km
Jeep Patriot – 7.29 litres/100km

Honda Civic vs. Ford Focus Econetic
Honda Civic IMA – 6.91 litres/100km
Ford Focus Econetic – 5.38 litres/100km

Lexus GS450h vs. BMW 535d
Lexus GS 450h – 9.96 litres/100km
BMW 535d – 9.27 litres/100km

The tests involved a return trip from central London to the south coast resort of Brighton through a mix of urban, dual-carriageway and motorway driving.

Jay Nagley, publisher of Clean Green Cars, said: “People may be surprised to learn that hybrids are no better in the real world than diesels but our tests confirmed what we had long suspected.”