Discovery Turbo brings HOT ROD TV, a new series that gets you the world’s top events, designers and hot rods including the Shelby Cobra, 1969 Camaro, 1932 Ford Coupe, Hemi Cuda. HOT ROD TV will premiere every Monday at 9.30 pm starting March 21st on Discovery Turbo. The series will track the evolution of the automobile sector, spot the emergence of trends, advancements in technology and the increase interest in customisation and motor sport activities. The programme will feature the fastest, the rarest, the most popular and some of the most sought after muscle cars in the world.

Highlights From Hot Rod TV’s Episodes : –

· The phenomenon of 1957 Chevy is well known to hot rodders around the world. Now 50 years later Project X has come back to GM Performance Parts and undergoes yet another reiteration for the SEMA show.

· The team builds an exact replica of the GT-40 and makes a test run at the famous Las Vegas Speedway. Aesthetically perfect, dimensionally correct and as reliable as the original.

· In one of the episodes, Hot Rod TV will follow Nish Motorsports as they go for the “holy grail” of land speed racing, with the Streamliner that has already rewritten the books.

· Already known as the driver of the fastest Camaro in the world, Editor-in-Chief of Hot Rod Magazine David Freiburger teams up with Nelson Super Cars to build a 1971 Camaro with a monsterous 1500-horsepower twin turbo-charged engine.

· The perfect 1969 Camaro: ‘easy to want one, but where to find such a gem? Time to check in with a top crew that makes it look easy: they’re Kevin Kings and his team of builders from “Year One.” It’s a new “Year One” 69 Camaro built on Hot Rod TV.

· Hot Rod TV gets an invitation to the Grand National Roadster show and the 2nd annual Pins Stripers reunion. Fifty of the world’s top Pin Stripers have been invited to attend this event and showcase their art. In addition find out who wins the coveted Von Dutch award for the best pin stripping of a car in show as we follow head judge Steve Stanford only on Hot Rod TV.