The current age infotainment systems are being given more control than needed!

Maruti WagonR Infotainment Screen
Popular demand means that almost every car that rolls out of the factory floor in India has an infotainment system

Large Infotainment Screens – Do We Need Them?

Cars of the recent model years seem to all have one thing in common, infotainment screens. Displays have become more and more predominant in our lives, and our cars are no exception. Infotainment systems went from being a sweet feature in high-end cars to a feature that can make or break a car’s verdict.

Like every other trend, this one has been taken up by manufacturers as an intense mission to stand out amongst the competition. This is necessarily not a bad thing, as competition drives innovation. But sometimes the line can be crossed between a useful feature and a distracting gimmick. Let us see how.

Infotainment Systems – A Compliment To Your Drive

Ford EcoSport Facelift Interiors
When done right, infotainment systems can really uplift a car’s look and feel

The advantages are quite obvious. With a screen, everything is easier to read and do! The GUI of these systems is fluid and intuitive to use. In good examples, they even feel like an extension of our mobile phones! Plus, this design of screens everywhere falls in line with the current trend of screens everywhere (even a refrigerator!).

Also, integration with widely used services like Google Maps through Android Auto/Apple CarPlay keeps you away from your phone while driving. Using such services is quite inevitable in this day and age because of their usefulness. So, using them through your car and not your phone keeps you focused only on what’s important, the road.

Properly made digital gauge clusters take this to another level, as they put the required information right in your line of sight. Clever features like 360-degree camera view would not be possible if it weren’t for such screens present in cars. Overall, properly made and sized infotainment systems truly elevate your driving experience, and compliment it!