Eider Motors is offering its entire lineup at a discounted inaugural price which will increase by 30 percent after the inaugural period.

2016 Eider Motors Leora
The Leora would be powered by a 150cc engine

The Indian two-wheeler market has been running on afterburner mode with plenty of major manufacturers entering / re-entering the subcontinent. The latest company joining the league is Eider Motors. The Hyderabad-based manufacturer initially showcased various models which are certainly attention seekers and we have to admit that few of them are really very interesting.

Eider Motors is gearing up to launch more than 15 models by the end of this year; the portfolio consists of commuting scooters and bikes with engine capacities ranging from 110cc to 650cc. We are here with an overview of the entire lineup.


The Leora is a classic vintage from Eider Motors which would be powered by a 150cc engine (we have got specs of 125cc). The vehicle weighs around 110 kgs but actually it doesn’t feel so. Our first impression (we had a sneak peak) is that the vehicle feels pretty much light, thanks to extensive use of plastic. A lot of chrome on the handlebar and tangy colours certainly are attractive; however we felt that plastic could have been of a better quality.


The Adonis looks magnificent and it’s the second scooter in our country which comes with a European styled body (the first being the Kinetic Blaze). There are plenty of first in segment features especially related to the music system. The Adonis is powered by a 125cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine which churns out 9.11 HP of power and 8 Nm of torque and mated to a CVT.

Jet Max

The Jet Max is an elder sibling of Adonis and is powered by a 250cc liquid cooled engine which would be churning out 22 BHP power and 21 Nm torque. The vehicle would be weighing approximately 200 kgs and the braking is assisted by discs on both the front and rear wheels. The vehicle is licensed from CFMoto, a Chinese company.


This offering from Eider Motors is the smallest in terms of engine capacity as it will be powered by a 110cc air-cooled engine which would be churning out 7.6 BHP power and 6.5 Nm torque and is mated to a 4-speed gearbox. The overall design of the vehicle is kept pretty simple to fit into the category. Stoic gets a digital console.


The Ruddy is powered by a 150cc air-cooled engine which churns out 11.4 PS power. The vehicle is equipped with a 5-speed transmission and weighs about 120 kgs. Though not a proper tourer, the Ruddy would be competing with the lately launched Avenger 150. The stopping power for the Ruddy comes from disc and drum on front and rear wheels respectively.


Dave is powered by a 150cc motor that churns out 11.7 PS power and 10.7 Nm torque. The liquid-cooled engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Weighing about 140 kgs, the Dave would be competing with heavily populated street fighters especially the Yamaha FZ. The braking comes from discs on both front and rear wheels. Like the Jet Max, the Dave is licensed from CFMoto, a Chinese company.


Etania is powered by a 200cc air-cooled engine that would generate 11.4 PS power and is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. The design of the Etania is similar to the Stoic and it also shares few parts with the same. With its edgy design, the Etania is more youth oriented. It is equipped with disc and drum brakes in the front and rear respectively.


Powered by a 250cc engine, the Dronzer is also a street-fighter with aggressive styling. The Dronzer gets petal discs at both the front and rear and also gets a split seat.


One of the most anticipated bikes from the shelf of Eider Motors is the Commando. The Commando belongs to United Motors who is also entering the market simultaneously. Eider is said to have collaboration with this American automaker to sell this bike in India. The Commando is powered by a 223cc motor which produces a mere 18 HP and 15.5 Nm.

650NK & 650TK

Coming to the middle-weight segment, the 650NK is a street-fighter which produces 60 HP and 56 Nm.  This two-cylinder in-line liquid-cooled engine is mated to 6-speed transmission. With a fuel tank capacity of 17-litres and a weight of 203 kgs; the 650NK would be a definite value for money as per the inaugural price. ABS is available but optional. The 650 TK dubbed as ‘Police’ is a sports-tourer sibling of the street-fighter while the only mechanical differences are tank capacity of 17.5-litres and weight is 220 kgs.


The V-Chop would be the first factory made chopper available in our country. It would be powered by a 250 cc V-Twin engine which would be generating 30 HP. Both the brakes would be disc. We expect more details to surface before the launch which is planned for the third/fourth quarter of this year. An 800 cc powered V-Chop is also on the cards.

The other bikes that are there in the launch list are Big Boy, Hudii and Kazer. The details aren’t out yet and all we know is all these three bikes belong to the quarter-litre segment. Deliveries of all the bikes except the V-Chop will start in three months while bookings are already started and below is a list of inaugural prices which will see a 30 percent increment after the inaugural period.

Note – All the prices are ex-showroom, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Eider Bike Prices

  • Adonis – Rs. 85,406.37/- Booking Amount – Rs. 15,000/-
  • Dronzer – Rs. 1,33,054/- Booking Amount – Rs. 75,000/-
  • Dave – Rs. 1,34,854/- Booking Amount – Rs. 75,500/-
  • Jetmax – Rs. 1,57,327/- Booking Amount – Rs. 88,000/-
  • 65NK- Rs. 3,37,130/- Booking Amount – Rs. 1,88,000/-
  • Poice TK -Rs. 4,00,061/- Booking Amount – Rs. 2,25,000/-
  • Stoic – Rs. 49,045/-Booking Amount – Rs. 8620/-
  • Ruddy – Rs. 54,210/- Booking Amount – Rs. 9120/-
  • Leora – Rs. 49,459/- Booking Amount – Rs. 8325/-
  • Etania – Rs. 67,426/- Booking Amount – Rs. 11,325/-
  • Commando – Rs.  79,113/- Booking Amount – Rs. 13,270/-
  • Big Boy – Rs. 84,887/- Booking Amount – Rs. 14,235/-
  • Hudii – Rs. 1,16,327/- Booking Amount – Rs. 65,000/-
  • Kaizar – Rs. 1,08,669/- Booking Amount – Rs. 60,000/-
2016 Eider Ruddy
The Rudy will take on the likes of the Avenger 150
2016 Eider Leora Brochure
The Leora weighs 110 kgs
2016 Eider Ruddy Brochure
The Rudy is powered by a 150cc, air-cooled engine
2016 Eider Etania
The Etania is aimed at attracting the youth with its 200cc engine and edgy design
2016 Eider 650NK Brochure
The 650NK and 650TK are siblings while the former is a street-fighter and the later is a sports touring bike
2016 Eider 650TK Brochure
The 650TK has a fuel tank capacity of 17.5-litres
2016 Eider Dronzer
The Dronzer is powered by a 250cc engine
2016 Eider Motors Dronzer Brochure
The Dronzer will take on the likes of Yamaha FZ
2016 Eider 150NK Brochure
The 150NK is powered by a 150cc engine
2016 Eider Adnois
The Adnois is powered by a 125cc and is equipped with a music system