The government is preparing a step ahead for a greener future by setting up electric charging stations at petrol pumps across the nation over the next two years. This initiative is being undertaken by the ministry of heavy industries and public enterprises which is a part of an even bigger initiative of National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020. The mission aims at seeing on-road six-seven million electric cars and bikes by 2020. An enormous sum of 12-13k crore has been set aside to develop infrastructure and for subsidies on EV’s for the next eight years.

The government understands that consumer confidence is the main criteria to be fought for, if people are to be engaged in buying electric cars. The infrastructure to support electric vehicles in today’s times is not up to the mark. The scenario is definitely not suitable for daily commuting on EV’s and remain carefree about charging stations. With this initiative of having charging stations put up in good numbers across cities, the acceptance towards electric and hybrid vehicles will increase.

The three state owned oil marketing companies (OMC’s) collectively have about 42,000 outlets across India. The initial pilot project phase may begin with a pattern wherein those places where the sales of electric vehicles have been good will be considered for setting up charging stations at OMC outlets. Greening the already green effort would be a few stations where renewable energy like solar power will be used to create electricity and the same can be fed to the cars. These green talks seem quite ironical with our government which cannot support the same cause by providing favourable policies for electric vehicles.

Indian auto majors have always agreed to introduce electric vehicles provided the government supports them with appropriate policies so that customers are encouraged to buy them. Mahindra Reva is one EV often seen on road. Mahindra is also planning to launch the Reva e2o on the 18th of march despite the unfavourable government policies. The 2013 Union Budget didn’t support subsidy for electric vehicles but hopes are high that the same will be implemented by April. The government is working on a percentage wherein the break-in value for a customer for buying an electric vehicle can be atleast halved.

Source – Business Standard