Mechanical engineering students have designed a car that runs 200 kms on a single litre of fuel. It uses light weight aluminium and advanced engineering.

Kerala Students 200 kmpl Car
Bibin Sagaram, Ronith Stanly and Vishnu Prasad who designed the car

Students in Kerala have designed an extraordinary vehicle that can go up to 200 kms in just 1 litre of petrol. It is amazing how the young minds in our country can design something like this. The prototype of the futuristic vehicle has been made. A trial run of the vehicle was carried out and it functioned as the students had outlined it. The students who designed this ultra fuel-efficient car are from Government Engineering College, Barton Hill. The undergraduates are just in sixth semester of mechanical engineering course and aim to work in a successful automobile company.

The innovative vehicle is powered by a Honda GX35 engine. The students have used light weight aluminium and fibre glass chassis. The only thing in their mind while designing was to make an ergonomic vehicle with as high fuel-efficiency as possible. Modernised engineering and advanced air pressure regulating mechanism is covered inside a golf ball look-a-like body. The students believed that designing aerodynamics like that of a golf ball would give them extreme efficiency, making the vehicle faster and lighter. The car is engineered in such a way that the after reaching high speed if the ignition is turned off, it continues to run to save fuel!

This is a great achievement for the young engineers as they will represent Kerala at international fuel efficiency contest, “Shell Eco Marathon” in Philippines which is held from 26th February to 1st March. The project was funded by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) under the Technology Development and Adaptation Programme. The design and working of the vehicle was completed under the guidance of two teachers Santhosh Kumar and Anver Sadath. The vehicle has advanced safety features like collision warning system, seat belt and engine temperature monitor. The vehicle weighs just 50 kgs and can accommodate one passenger in a reclined position.