Hyundai India will launch the i20 diesel on the 7th of this month. However much before the car is launched we got a chance to checkout the much awaited oil burner from Hyundai. The car looks similar to the i20 petrol. Infact you can’t make out if the car is a petrol or a diesel till you see the CRDi badge at the rear. The version featured above is the Asta variant. The Hyundai i20 diesel gets 6 airbags and sunroof as optionalal (Asta (O)).


We started the car and the car doesn’t make much noise. Yes, the typical diesel clatter is present, but that is audible only from the outside. Inside the car is very well insulated. We even revved the engine to 5000rpm and the she felt comfortable. The gear system in the i20 diesel is different from what is seen in the i20 petrol. The reverse gear no longer resides near the 5th gear. You have to lift a button and push it next to first gear to get into reverse, similar to what is seen in the Chevrolet Optra.


The 1.4L 16V CRDi unit produces 90PS of power at 4000rpm and a delicious 22.4kgm of torque at just 1750rpm. We expect the car to be a hoot to drive and can’t wait to get behind the wheel. Hyundai has done a fantastic job by not skimping on essential features like ABS and rear wiper washer. Now only if they price it well. We have been hearing 7.5L OTR, Mumbai for the top end Asta (O).