A Healthy Direction

2022 F1 Race Car Rear
Prioritizing racing over sheer speed sounds like a good idea

Ever since the takeover by Liberty Media, F1 has grown tremendously. The 2022 regulations are the biggest overhaul of design philosophy and overall approach to F1 since then.

Being entertainment-centric is a good thing as long as long-term interests are kept in mind, and from what we all can see they seem to be doing a good job of that. I just hope the publicly traded company does not sacrifice the grandioseness of the sport in the interest of profits.

At the time this article goes up, we don’t know who has won the championship, but either way, what everyone will appreciate is the fact that F1 have done the impossible by putting together 22 races across 20 countries at such an unstable time.

Every person involved within the sport has brushed off all their difficulties, put up with the stringent norms, and most importantly, have left their homes and families for several weeks at a time to contribute to the sport they love.

No season does justice to their hard work like this season. For now though, onwards with the most critical race of the season!