2012 Honda Activa Test Ride Review

We all have our own fantasies. Some fantasize of having a plot on the moon and others want to rule the world. Wild fantasies which have no explanations! Well, what if someone has fascination for Avtomat Kalashnikova i.e. the world famous assault rifle – AK-47? Obviously, one would expect him to own atleast one of them, with the license of course. However, the person in talks here does have a liking for this mighty weapon but decided to own it in a completely different manner.

This person we are talking about is a farmer named Kulbir Singh from Katowal village in Punjab. He paid a good Rs. 7,00,000/- to grab the registration number PB-07 AK-47 in an auction. People, spending so much on the fancy numbers for their vehicles, always make big news. Just last year, a business man from Punjab spent a hefty Rs. 17 lakhs to grab number 1 for his Rs. 98 lakhs worth vehicle. Well, sounds crazy and can never be justified with logic.

This farmer spent Rs. 7 lakhs for a registration number showcasing his love for the AK-47. Now, one would be more curious to know that which vehicle gets to flaunt this mighty number plate. The surprise comes here. It is a Honda Activa scooter which costs a mere Rs. 54,500/- (on-road, Mumbai) currently. Perhaps, those seven lakhs could have fetched him a hatchback. But, as mentioned before, craziness can’t be justified with logic.

“I had a clear mandate from my Italy-based brother Amanpreet Singh and US-based cousin Dilsher Singh Dhaliwal, 20, to get the number at any cost. Dilsher Singh had been telling me to get the number even if the bid goes up to Rs. 12-13 lakhs,” Kulbir Singh said.

The 38-year old farmer also owns a Skoda Laura which again carries a fancy number plate, PB-38 0001. In the near future, he has plans to buy a Toyota Fortuner which would then carry this AK-47 number plate. The family celebrated this joyous moment by distributing sweets in their neighborhood as they emerged as the winner of this bid, fighting with sixteen other fierce bidders.