It has been a year now since we started presenting the sales figure analysis article on MotorBeam. We hope that we have partly succeeded in quenching your thirst for all the automobile world related updates. We know that one year is not a big time span to boast about and we also understand that there is always scope for improvement and yes, we are striving for that. We would like to thank you for all the support and feedback till now and we expect the same in future. Over the period of time, we have made changes in this section to make it more easy and informative for our readers. This time we are changing its appearance to make it more readable and more time efficient as we are trying to make it “More Value (Information) for Money (Time)”.

The Big Picture –

  • Market witnessed a drop in sales of 6.91% Month on Month basis and that of 17.59% Year on Year basis comparison.
  • As seen in YoY and MoM comparisons, February failed to cash on the jump start that January achieved.
  • Pre-budget blues have shown its impact on sales.
  • Maruti Suzuki tops the chart followed by Hyundai at second place and Mahindra & Mahindra at number three.
  • Tata Motors continues to be in trouble as Toyota took them over at number four spot. An year ago Tata Motors was at number three and was giving a strong competition to Hyundai for number two spot.
  • We are seeing strong performances by Mahindra & Mahindra and Renault over past few months, which is clearly visible in YoY comparison for both companies.

Car Sales February 2013 Main

  • No change in Top 5 rankings in this chart compared to the last month.
  • Hyundai Eon’s strong and consistent performance took it to number 6 by exchanging its position with its elder sibling i20.
  • Last man standing in Top 20 chart from Tata Motors, Indica + Vista range, is also on the way down towards bottom of the chart.
  • Renault Duster fights back and climbs 8 spots; it was on the edge of this table last month.
  • Maruti Suzuki dominates this table as well, with maximum number of cars in it followed by Hyundai and Mahindra & Mahindra.

Car Sales February 2013 Top 20

Company wise Break-up –

  • Maruti Suzuki has shown sales figures in line with the overall market as it recorded drop in sales of 4.92% and 9.01%, on MoM and YoY basis respectively. Estilo and SX4 once again touched new bottom levels this month.
  • Hyundai Eon is a star of the month, once again, as it is the highest selling Hyundai in February.
    It looks like that Eon is growing mature with time. Overall, Hyundai recorded no change in sales over the last month but drop in sale of 7.61% YoY.

MarutiSuzuki Hyundai Sales February 2013

  • Mahindra & Mahindra, which is one of the strongest performers of year 2012, is also facing the heat and is losing its sales numbers. It is quite surprising to see falling sales figure of XUV500, which has fallen below that of the age old Scorpio. But, have a look at Ssangyong Rexton which itself proved to be a success story for Mahindra & Mahindra as it is inching closer to its set sales target of 500 units a month.
    Overall Mahindra and Mahindra recorded a drop of 11.67% in MoM sales figure but recorded rise in sales of 17.27% in YoY comparison.
  • Tata Motors is trying hard to gain the sales figure but looks like that all its efforts are going in vain as it once again recorded massive drop in sales of 30.22% MoM basis and 69.53% YoY basis. This time they even lost their number four position to Toyota by a good margin. Sales figures of recently updated Safari and Vista came down to half compared to the last month’s respective sales figures. Tata Nano and Aria also recorded worrying figures hovering around the bottom-most level.

Mahindra Tata Sales February 2013

  • Loss for Tata Motors helped Toyota to have a virtual gain as it secured number four position for the first time. Overall Toyota recorded a drop in sales of 4.3% MoM basis and 23.43% YoY basis.
  • Honda in India tastes commendable success in these bad times as well. It recorded rise in sales of 19.43% MoM. YoY sales figures have fallen down by 26.49% mainly because of changes in fuel price scenario over the last one year.

Toyota Honda Sales February 2013


  • Chevrolet is losing its momentum day by day even after the addition of new models in their portfolio. Only Sail sedan’s sales volume has grown along with Tavera, rest all models failed to register a growth in sales. Sail U-VA registered its lowest ever monthly sales figure ever since its launch five months back. GM India registered no change in MoM sales but saw a drop in sales of 19.77% in YoY sales figures.
  •  As many Indians are waiting, Ford themselves are also waiting for Ecosport to arrive and save them from this scenario of falling sales figures. In February, they registered a drop in sales of 25.93% MoM and 44.12% YoY basis.

Chevrolet Ford Sales February 2013

  • Volkswagen recorded loss in sales figure of 16.04% MoM basis and that of 11.01% YoY basis.
  • Skoda’s failure story is clearly visible from its YoY sales figure change. It has been over a year since we are waiting for some action from Skoda over falling sales. Overall, they recorded drop in sales of 5.35% MoM basis and that of 48.61% YoY basis.

Volkswagen Skoda Sales February 2013

  • After a good performance in India in the past with the launch of Sunny, Nissan’s sales figures are falling drastically and consistently over a period of time. Nissan recorded drop in sales of 51.96% MoM basis and that of 63.73% YoY basis.
  • For Renault India, Duster managed to propel their sales figures and hence fortune of the company since its launch. But it was losing its momentum in the last few months and sales were falling successively. Situation changed in February as Renault Duster jumped back and managed to sell 5590 numbers. Rise in sales of 36.81% MoM basis and whopping rise of 898.96% YoY basis depicts the same.

Renault Nissan Sales February 2013

  • Except Ambassador and Pajero Sport, not a single model from Hindustan Motors – Mitsubishi alliance managed to break the zero figure. Still their sales figures increased by 89.53% MoM and by 157.10% YoY basis.
  • Fiat recorded drop in sales of 41.79% MoM basis and that of 88.15 YoY basis.

Fiat HM Sales February 2013

Category wise Break-Up –

Car Sales February 2013 Category01

Car Sales February 2013 Category02

Gainers Vs Losers –

Car Sales February 2013 GainersVsLosers

Podium Finishers –

Car Sales February 2013 Top 3

Watch-list –
From this month onwards, we will be monitoring the few cars which are crucial (Recently launched, Good as well as bad performers) for their parent company and overall industry as well.
You may suggest more vehicles to be added into watch list next time onwards.

Car Sales February 2013 Watchlist

Things to Look Out For –

  • Effect of budget over the industry.
  • Sales performance of SUVs as they are levied with additional duty.
  • Performance of companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, Renault as their fate depends heavily on SUVs.
  • Renault Duster will face increased excise duty and Ford Ecosport’s launch at the same time, which will make life difficult for Duster and hence Renault India.
  • Ford Ecosport is exempted from increase in excise duty as it falls well within the boundaries; hence it receives advantage over Duster even before its launch.
  • How much time it Tata Motors will take to revive sales and save themselves from falling further in ranking?
  • What will be fortune of Sail twins as it is evident that people are losing interest in both cars?