Take a look at Ferrari’s racing programme for its ultra-rich clients.

Ferrari Corse Clienti Track
Ferrari F1 Clienti/XX Programme at Imola 2019

Exclusivity, design and technology are the words that best represent Ferrari. However, the prancing horse is not just about the sports car of your dreams, nor is the most important Formula 1 Scuderia its sole sporting tradition. It goes beyond that. The Italian manufacturer not only sells cars that have the most beautiful designs and outrageous performance, but they also cater to an aristocratic experience to its most high-heeled clients in the form of a special programme. That programme is called The Ferrari Corse Clienti.

Track days are the staple of performance car manufacturers, for providing their clients with an opportunity to learn track driving skills, and pushing the cars to their limit in a closed circuit with utmost safety and guidance. But Ferrari likes to take things up a notch, they have developed a programme for their most important clients, where they are given a chance to buy the most limited, track-only cars which they can use for driving on some of the greatest tracks around the globe.

Upon approval, the clients are given the most special treatment when they pick their cars. The clients, along with the team, take the car to Ferrari’s private test track Pista di Fiorano (the track where the manufacturer tests all its road and F1 cars), for the first opening test and coaching. Once the client finishes up their track day use, Ferrari offers to maintain and store their car back at the shop in Maranello.

The clients can buy challenge cars, which are the track-only versions of ongoing production V8 Ferrari models, or the clients can be selected by Ferrari to buy the ultra-exclusive XX cars. There are three models of the XX range, and those are the 599XX based on the 599 road car, the FXX based on the Enzo and the FXXK or the FXXK Evo, which are based on the LaFerarri.

The clients that buy the challenge cars can race in the Ferrari Challenge Series, while the XX car clients join the XX Programme, but there is another programme inside the Ferrari Corse Clienti, which is the even more exclusive programme. This is the F1 Clienti programme, as Ferrari is the manufacturer for both the engines and the cars in F1, it offers the opportunity to lay their hands on the retired Formula One cars, which no one else can.

The entire logistics of the XX and F1 Clienti programme is taken care by Ferrari. This is one of the most hospitable programme that any elite can join. Ferrari transports the cars and the teams help in setting them up at different tracks around the world. The XX and F1 clients just need to show up at the venue with their helmet and gloves, while the rest is handled by Ferrari. The clients are able to work alongside the engineers from Scuderia Ferrari (Ferrari Formula One team). Tutors like Marc Gené, Giancarlo Fisichella, and Andrea Bertolini guide the clients to improve upon their driving skills by analyzing the driving dynamic reports of the clients. Hence, this becomes the world’s most exclusive car club of all.

Ferrari Corse Clienti

– Ferrari’s racing programme that provides the most bespoke track day experience
– Only the most exclusive clients can join the programme
– Allows clients to get their hands on retired Ferrari Formula One cars

Ferrari Corse Clienti
The FXX and the FXXK Evo based on the hybrid hypercar LaFerrari
Ferrari Corse Clienti Programme
Retired F1 cars being driven by members of the F1 Clienti
2019 Ferrari Corse Clienti Programme Cars
The 599XX based on the 599GTB
2019 Ferrari Corse Clienti Programme F1 Cars
A view of the pit lane