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Fiat India recently announced two new vehicles for their 2012 line-up. One is an ingeniously designed small car for India, while the other would be a CBU from the company’s facility in Europe. Now this lead to high level of curiosity in the minds of Fiat fans. What could it be. The Freemont SUV is not coming to India, so which CBU vehicle is Fiat planning to launch in the country? We think it could be the Fiat Bravo as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi all plan to launch premium compact cars in India.

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The Fiat Bravo was on schedule for an Indian launch a couple of years ago but with the economy not doing particularly well, Fiat did the right thing of cancelling the launch. Since the company had already decided to launch the Bravo in India and only aborted it later, we assume the Italian automaker had done its market research and surveys to gauge customer response. With the stock markets looking slightly better with each passing day, could the Fiat CBU be the Bravo hatchback?

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Fiat had imported two units of the Bravo hatchback a couple of years ago. The cars were used at various auto shows to promote the Fiat brand. After calling off the launch, one of the Bravo car was sold, while the other is the daily driver of Fiat India CEO and MD, Mr Rajiv Kapoor. We had a chance to drive the Bravo for a brief amount of time and must admit the car is rock solid and easily the best hatchback we have encountered. You can read our complete review on the Fiat Bravo here.

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