Fiat makes a move to bolster its car sales by offering a 5×5 offer across its entire lineup in India.

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There is a famous saying in the Indian Automotive Industry about Fiat cars, ‘there is no similar car on the road as a Fiat‘. Fiat has been known to offer cars that stand out in comparison to its competitors in terms of design and ride quality. Their each car has a very striking design language that always seems to catch one’s eye, and this coupled with tank like build quality makes a Fiat stand-out irrespective of which segment whatsoever.

The Turin based automaker lies among the top car manufacturers in the world in terms of market share, but after offering many hits, the company has seen a very large number of misses in India. One of the main reasons of this lies in the fact that Fiat cars do not appeal to mass market buyers as they are low on the mileage front, their dealerships are not as wide-spread as others and they have quite a negative image in terms of after sales service thanks to their past partnership with Tata Motors.

In a move to turn things around, Fiat India has come up with a new strategy to lure the mass market towards the Italian automaker. The company has introduced a new 5×5 offer for customers. The 5×5 offer gives a five-year warranty, five years of roadside assistance, five free service appointments, an interest rate of 5.5% on loans and five couples also get to go on an international road-trip to Italy. The five-year warranty is inclusive of the extended warranty and is available on all its models, but the 5.5% interest rate on loans is available only on the Linea.

This is clearly a marketing move made by Fiat officials to increase the number of people visiting their showrooms. A couple of these offers seem to be quite lucrative in terms of maintenance, but whether or not they are able to convince the buyer to buy a Fiat still needs to be seen. Existing and loyal Fiat customers may find the 5×5 offer a good option to upgrade to new models, but otherwise, Fiat really needs to come up with a few big and concrete steps in order make their offerings appeal to a much larger audience who still may not be aware of the fun and joy Fiat cars have to offer.

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