Fiat Punto Sporting Dualogic Plus Front

The Fiat Group is well known for its diesel engine development starting from 1997, when the manufacturer came up with a common rail turbodiesel engine named as uniJet Turbo Diesel (JTD) engine. Later in 2002, the Fiat Group introduced the second generation of the common rail JTD unit named as Multijet diesel engine with an advanced technology featuring electronic injector control providing improved control of combustion noise, reduced emissions and increased performance.

The 1.3-litre Multijet engine is a great example of advanced diesel technology and is offered in 75 PS and 95 PS versions (with VGT). The latest offering by Fiat is the new Multijet 2 diesel technology introduced in Fiat Punto Evo in 2009, which further improves the fuel delivery process. The new technology can manage up to 8 consecutive injections with accurate metering. Multijet 2 technology now boasts a new system of injection pump and solenoid injectors, which will improve the capability to control the fuel flow, cut emissions significantly and provide low range torque.

The management of multiple injections and better flexibility with reduced noise and fuel consumption over earlier Multijet system helps Multijet 2 technology to fulfill the Euro 5 emission standards easily. Multijet 2 diesel engines are planned for the Indian market next year and Fiat will offer the new engines in the next generation Punto and Linea, which they plan to launch next year. We can expect other car manufacturers to get Multijet 2 technology featured in their vehicles soon after the launch of Fiat’s upcoming Punto and Linea. The company is betting big on Multijet 2 engines to boost sales of its future cars.

2013 Fiat Linea Wallpaper