Fiat calls the FCC4 Concept, a four door coupe crossover with an adventurous soul that and comes with a quirky design language.

Fiat FCC4 Concept Brazil
The Fiat FCC4 concept is a 4-door coupe crossover with an adventurous soul

The ongoing 2014 Sao Paulo International Motor Show is home to some very interesting displays this year with one of them coming from the Italian house of Fiat. Holding a dominating position in the Brazilian market, Fiat has unveiled the FCC4 Concept which has been described as a ‘four door coupe crossover with an adventurous soul’ by the company. Abbreviation for ‘Fiat Concept Car 4’, the FCC4 concept is a design exercise executed by Fiat Design Centre Latam (Latin America) and captures the aggressive stance of a crossover with the subtleness of a coupe in its ostentatious dimensions.

The FCC4 measures 5-metres in length, 1.94-metres in width and 1.6-metres in height. The concept packs in a very urban and slender looking front fascia with sweptback headlamps, wraparound windshield and a muscular hood. The distinctive looking LED headlights, fog lamps add to the appeal of the crossover, while the accentuated wheel arches and high ground clearance offers a bulbous appearance. The side profile is rather clean with a strong receding shoulder line and the dynamic glass area, while the fastback-like rear is rather quirky and does feel a bit out of place. The tail lights look good with the tastefully done design along with the hexagonal shaped exhaust tips.

Finished in metallic blue with silver accents, the Fiat FCC4 concept definitely packs in a lot of road presence to say the least. The Italian automaker has not yet concluded the fate of this concept. While a production version is highly unlikely, we could see a bit of design cues on some of the automaker’s vehicles in the future. The company also stated that the interiors of the concept came with generous space similar to that on a large sedan.

Fiat FCC4 Concept
The concept was designed by Fiat Design Centre Latam
Fiat FCC4 Concept Front
The LED headlights give a distinctive appeal to the front fascia of the concept
Fiat FCC4 Concept Side
The high ground clearance with accentuated wheel arches adds to dominating look
Fiat FCC4 Concept Design
No details on the interiors or powertrain have been shared yet
Fiat FCC4 Concept Rear
The fastback-like styling looks rather odd on the 5-metre long concept
Fiat FCC4 Concept Sao Paulo Auto Show
A production version is most likely not on the cards