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The brand has had a bumpy ride in the Indian market multiple times

Fiat brand to give another try in the Indian market

Stellantis is gearing up for a potential comeback of the Fiat brand in India. While focusing on firmly establishing the Jeep and Citroen brands, the company is also considering reintroducing Fiat and other brands including Alfa Romeo to cater to the diverse Indian consumer base.

This strategic move comes amid the rapid growth of the midsize SUV market in India, making it an attractive opportunity for car manufacturers. While the immediate focus remains on Jeep and Citroen, Stellantis acknowledges the continued affinity for the Fiat brand among Indian consumers and currently, according to the company, they continue to support Fiat customers in India.

With Fiat outselling other Stellantis brands globally in the first half of the current calendar year, the automaker is contemplating the best approach to reintroduce the brand into the Indian market. Discussions are ongoing to determine how Fiat would fit into the evolving Indian market and how to relaunch it effectively.

Globally, Fiat has experienced success, with its electric Fiat 500 becoming the top selling hatchback in the A-segment. Notably, the model’s popularity in Japan has led to plans for its introduction in Australia. Stellantis views Fiat as a valuable brand and despite its previous struggles in India, it sees potential in reviving the brand and tapping into its global success.

Stellantis’s interest in reintroducing Fiat and launching the Citroen C3 Aircross aligns with the thriving midsize SUV market in India. Projections suggest that the segment’s sales could grow from 3,66,000 units to 6,12,000 units by the end of the decade. As more consumers in India prefer SUVs for their practicality and style, automakers are eager to enter this lucrative market.

We believe this time around the company needs to carefully evaluate the Indian market for the Fiat brand in order to cater to the enthusiasts and at the same time offer desirable products targeting a wider audience to sustain their presence in the country.