Motorcycle firebrigade fleet

Fire fighting is a very crucial task that involves reaching the spot on fire at break-neck speeds and tackling the fire with the correct substance (depending on the type of fire). What is commonly seen is the big red fire brigade zooming past during any fire break-out. But that fire brigade has got some limitations. First of all, it can’t run at very high speeds because of its heavy weight. And second, it cant reach all the places on fire, especially if the fire breaks out in a slum area.

To cater to these needs, the Pune Fire Department has now equipped itself with 6 fire fighting motorcycles called Rapid Response Motorcycles which can be used to negotiate narrow streets and lanes like the areas of Kasewadi, Janata Vasahat, Juna Bazaar and Patil Estate. Similar fire fighting motorcycles are being used by Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Nagpur. With the addition of Pune, it is the 2nd in the state of Maharashtra to get bikes into fire fighting.

The fire fighting motorcycles are basically Royal Enfield Electra 350 motorcycles which are fitted with Compressed Air Foam (CAF) and a water system. The bikes are also equipped with a first aid box and gel blankets which be helpful to give primary medication to victims suffering severe burns. The kits mounted on the bikes can be carried along by the firemen in case the bikes cant reach the exact spot of fire. Each bike with all the equipments costs close to Rs. 7 lakhs.

Motorcycle firebrigade equipment

Source – MidDay