Castrol Robot Rider Motorcycle

The invention of computers is one of the major technological innovations of the 20th century which has led to the development of the field of embedded systems. Scientists across the globe have been doing research to develop artificial robots which work on signals generated by a pre-programmed micro controller. Robots have been developed for specific applications to reduce human effort. Though the robots have surpassed the normal human in terms of several aspects, it cannot decide the function to be performed without the help of a human being.

As every invention has its pros and cons, the artificial robots have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. Considering the field of automobiles, these man made machines are currently being used in the manufacturing facilities of various brands globally for the maintenance of the plants and their function is currently restricted to assembling different parts of a vehicle based on a program deployed in the control mechanism of the robot which is further synchronised with the machinery of the manufacturing assembly. Robots may replace chauffeurs to drive vehicles in the future but with some limitations.

Castrol is well known for providing lubricating products for all types of vehicles and has taken a step forward to develop an artificial robot which is going to drive motorcycles efficiently and terrifically without any mistake. Castrol has named the artificial robot as Flossie and it has developed this machine with the main objective of testing the behaviour of its lubricating products for very long distances and a large time span under different climatic conditions. This innovation will help Castrol to develop more efficient and reliable lubricants in the future.

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