Force Motors recently set-up a new production and testing factory in Chakan. The Force Motors plant’s main aim will be to supply front and rear axles, along with engines to the entire range of Mercedes-Benz CKD vehicles in India.

Force Motors plant at Chakan
The newly setup Force Motors plant in Chakan, Pune

Force Motors have for long been a stalwart in the Indian automobile scene and have plans in place to cement their status. They have pioneered the Indian market with the ever-so-familiar Tempo, Matador and Traveller range of vehicles. Currently their product lineup varies from light commercial vehicles to cross-country travellers to agricultural tractors. With such potential, they also produce and test engines and vehicles for Mercedes-Benz and BMW in India.

Recently, Force Motors opened a new production and testing plant in Chakan in correlation with Mercedes-Benz India. The new plant will produce their front and rear axles, along with assembly and testing of their engines to be used in India. Mercedes-Benz have relied on Force Motors to produce their engines in India since 1997, and they have supplied them with more than 60,000 engines and 50,000 axles till date. The newly opened set-up will produce close to 20,000 engines and axles, and can be subjected to increment as per Mercedes’ requirement.

With an investment of nearly Rs. 100 crores, the plant spans nearly 3 acres with eight factory lines that produce and test up to 14 engine variants. The plant will manufacture 4-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines along with the 6-cylinder V-type engines to be used in India. The plant is vastly equipped with technological advancements such as temperature and dust control, along with modern computer-controlled precision facilities.

Force Motors are currently producing and testing engines for both Mercedes-Benz and BMW India. In 2015, the plant in Chennai was inaugurated to work in tandem with BMW car factory situated close-by.

Force Motors Chakan Plant

– Force Motors have recently opened the new plant in correlation with Mercedes-Benz India
– Chief Minister of Maharashtra established the new setup in the presence of other dignitaries in Pune
– They will produce around 20,000 axle pairs and engines, with the production subjected to requirement
– Among the portfolio are the 4-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines and their 6-cylinder V-type counterparts
– The plan is to increase localisation in India and promote the plant’s products globally

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Engine
All CKD vehicles from Mercedes in India will have engines from the new plant