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The smooth diesel engine offers punchy performance

What really shines on the Ford EcoSport is the engine, the diesel engine is smooth, refined and drivable as turbo lag is well contained. However, I am still not able to wrap my head around the fact that the heavier EcoSport gets lesser torque than the lighter Figo twins, that 10 Nm extra is always welcome considering the same diesel mill powers all of Ford’s manufactured in India diesel cars. The oil burner likes to rev too, all the way till 5000 RPM and never feels uneasy which means you have ample grunt in the city, as well as on the highway.

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The lower profile tyres take a toll on the ride quality

The ride quality on the lower trims is definitely better with higher profile tyres but I don’t mind the sacrifice as the handling is really good but there is some slack in the steering on straight-ahead position. The original EcoSport had the best handling but the ride was a bit too stiff. The car remains stable at high speeds and the brakes offer good stopping power too, the tyres are grippy ensuring no screeching when hard braking or cornering hard.

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The Ford EcoSport offers sensational handling and high speed stability

The EcoSport S offers terrific performance, practicality & fuel economy

I am sure many would wonder how does the Ford EcoSport feel in front of the recently launched Mahindra XUV300 and I drove both of them back to back too. The EcoSport just feels more polished and refined and in spite of being the older car here, more aesthetically pleasing. The XUV though offers a whole lot more features and performance while also offering a better ride although the EcoSport is still the best handling car in the segment, the Ford also has the better infotainment system along with miles ahead audio quality.