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Ford also offers the EcoBoost engine option with the S variant

Compared to the old EcoSport, the new one also offers slightly more room at the rear while the fuel economy we got on our test was impressive with the best being not very far from claimed numbers under idle conditions, and our conditions were far from idle too. With a crazy number of variants on offer and multiple powertrain options, there is an EcoSport for almost every compact SUV buyer but crucially Ford is still missing out on the all-important diesel automatic. But if and when that comes, the EcoSport will not only be the sporty offering in the segment but also a practical choice for those who want the convenience of an automatic, coupled with fun and frugality of a diesel.

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The EcoSport S comes with a sunroof and a touchscreen infotainment system

What’s Cool

* Sporty looks both on the inside and outside
* Punchy performance along with great dynamics
* Great fuel economy and loaded with safety tech

What’s Not So Cool

* No diesel automatic
* Ride is a bit stiff with these tyres

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The Titanium+ variant of the EcoSport S gets 6-airbags

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