It’s been just a day after Ford launched its iconic Mustang in India, and the demo car seems to have met with a minor crash in Mumbai, one of the two cities (the other one being Delhi) in which the Mustang will be sold at first.

Ford Mustang Crash Mumbai
The front left fender has sustained some damage

Just as the memes and the GIFs were sort of fading away, another Ford Mustang has crashed, this time, in India. The crash comes just a day after the car’s official launch on Indian shores. Though the accident looks quite harmless, it still has a hilarious side to it due to the number of Mustang crash memes that were making the rounds on the internet. The incident is only going to add fuel to these memes.

The Ford Mustang is known for being a handful under full throttle. While no details of how the incident took place are known, our guess is that the driver of the car, which looks like a dealership demo model, got a bit too overzealous with the throttle. While we cannot blame the driver to have been excited behind the wheel, driving a 400+ HP car is not as straight forward as it looks.

It is fortunate that in this incident nobody was hurt as the accident was indeed a minor one. From the images we can see that only the left side of the front fender has been damaged. The long hood and the low seating position makes visibility difficult on the Ford Mustang, more so for those who aren’t used to driving a muscle car.

Ford Mustang Demo Car Crash

– A Ford Mustang has just met with a minor accident in Mumbai
– The Mustang in question seems to be a dealership demo car
– The crash comes just a day after the Mustang’s Indian launch
– The incident is a fitting reminder that cars like these shouldn’t be taken lightly

2015 Ford Mustang GT Front
The Ford Mustang isn’t an easy car to drive