Ford Figo Long Term Review

Ford India recalled over 1,28,000 units of its Figo and Classic (earlier called as Fiesta) in order to rectify some problems related to steering and and rear suspension. All the units of these brands manufactured between January 2008 to December 2010 and September 2010 to February 2011 will come under the surveillance. It is a voluntary recall initiated by Ford India which is a pre-emptive Field Service Action. The car maker would inspect the issues related to the Rear Twist Beam (RTB) and the Power Steering Hose (PAS). If the same are found defective, the company would replace them.

Talking about the issue, the company stated that there is a potential crack in the RTB. This would first be felt through an abnormal noise from the rear. If the noise is ignored and the vehicle is continuously driven, it could result in breaking of the RTB. This will further lead to diminished ride, handling and brake performance and finally the vehicle will become non-functional. Apart from this issue, the company will also replace the PAS hose of all the units manufactured between September 2010 and February 2011, as a precautionary measure.

Considering the RTB issue, a total of 1,11,000 units will be inspected which may or may not require the replacement. In case of the PAS hose issue, 17,655 units of both Ford Figo and Ford Classic combined will get the replacement. This recall by Ford India would be one of the biggest ever events in the history of automobile sector in India and such a voluntary recall is well appreciated and acknowledged. With this Ford has entered the list of companies in India which have issued a recall which includes Maruti, Toyota, Honda and Tata Motors.

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