The erstwhile question possessed by one and all in India will soon be answered by the Indian Government. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is coming up with fuel efficiency labeling rules, which will become mandatory by March, 2012. No car can be sold post this date without having a label of its mileage. This will encourage companies to churn out more efficient cars and introduce better technologies. The Bureau has taken two years to fight with auto manufacturers and the government to implement this and expects 25% improvement in fuel efficiency across the auto industry.

But what if you don’t comply with these new norms? Penalties will be set about along with names of the brand being flashed across the country to enlighten people about the companies which fail to work towards a greener tomorrow.
The bureau will set the norms and standards for labelling under the Energy Conservation Act while the road transport ministry will be responsible for its implementation under the Motor Vehicles Act.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]With such norms being set, turbocharging is the way to go for auto manufacturers.[/box]

Source – TOI