You may have decided to buy your car after researching for a good while, boiling down to a few options and finally the car you want in your garage. However, there are a lot of other things to consider while buying a car in this day and age.

For instance, today if you see, there are no cars in the market or hardly any car which you can buy off the shelf and get it home there and then. There is a long waiting period of months and in some cases years! After the pandemic there has been a huge supply chain issue and while this was getting sorted, the Russia Ukraine war further disrupted the supply chain to a great extent. 

Like you see in this video, there is a huge waiting period of more than 12 months for some variants of this car. You are sure you want this SUV and you go ahead and book it. While you are waiting to get your car delivered, you can invest some amount of money via the Dhan platform and get a good chunk of appreciation by the time your car arrives at the dealership.

Dhan is an online stock trading and investing app for India. Since most of us are automotive enthusiasts we know there are some manufacturers, battery makers, tyre makers, etc. who are doing well in the market. You can simply invest in the stock of these companies on the Dhan web platform.

Now there’s another way where you can save your money while buying a car and instead make more by investing it! So when you plan to buy a car it’s not always that you go for the range topping model. There are multiple variants on offer for every car in the market these days.

For instance if the dealer convinces you to buy a diesel automatic SX (O) variant of a car brand but you just need a petrol manual S variant since you have low running and you are satisfied with the features on offer, you can save around Rs. 2 lakhs and invest that amount in the stocks of any company from the Dhan platform.

All in all it is a smart way to invest and save money while making car decisions which is a big milestone in your life and the Dhan app makes it easy for you. Have you invested in any auto stocks? If yes, which ones?