Gachaco Battery-Swapping Service
Quite an unusual name for a company eh!

Apart from the battery-swapping service, Gachaco will also develop the necessary infrastructure to support the service

Eneos Holdings, Honda Motor, Kawasaki Motors, Suzuki Motor and Yamaha Motor have joined hands to form a new battery-swapping service provider for electric motorcycles named Gachaco.

The above-mentioned 4 big Japanese companies have already agreed to a common specification for a swappable electric motorcycle battery and the creation of Gachaco would lead to the creation of a battery-swapping service using the Honda Mobile Power Pack e:.

This service will be launched in Tokyo, Japan by autumn 2022 and battery exchange stations (to be called Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger e:) will be set up at public spots like railway stations and at Eneos service stations.

Honda Battery Sharing Service
The expansion of EVs will depend upon the possibility of adding more range in the shortest possible time

Gachaco has not been created only to provide battery-swapping service for electric motorcycles. It will, in the future, promote the use of standardised swappable batteries for several other applications.

When Gachaco’s batteries are expended, they will be collected by Eneos through its battery-as-a-service (BaaS) platform (currently under review). After going through secondary and tertiary usage, the batteries will be recycled by the energy service provider.

Also, Gachaco aims to build a battery-based power supply network and contribute to a recycling-oriented society. For now, these plans are likely for the land of the rising sun and soon, global expansion of Gachaco’s services could well be announced.