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Automotive companies all round the world often showcase some concepts that puts forward before the consumers and the general mass about their idea of a future transportation vehicle. The personalized mode of future transportation has been envisaged by different companies in many ways. But one common thing that evolves out of those concepts is that the future mode of personal transportation is going to get more personal and tailor made to the needs of the user. One such concept is the EN-V developed by General Motors. The EN-V is primarily a 2 seater vehicle that is an all electric powertrain with both manual and autonomous control.

The EN-V has been jointly developed by Segway (known for their personal transportation electric vehicles) and General Motors. The EN-V prototype comprises of 3 variants (with funny names); the Xiao, the Jiao and the Miao. The EN-V (Electric Networked Vehicle) is just a carryover of the joint efforts of both the companies to develop the P.U.M.A prototype mobility vehicle which was announced in 2009. The EN-V prototype was first showcased at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2010. Later in 2011, the company announced of making a closer to production version of the vehicle for real time testing programs. The 3 different models were designed by different studios with the Xiao being designed at GM Holden Studio in Australia, the Miao at GM Advanced Studio in California and the Jiao at GM European Studio.

All the 3 variants are powered by 2 electric motors running on lithium-ion batteries. The EN-V can achieve a top speed of 40km/h with a running range of 40km. One interesting aspect of the vehicle is its fully automatic operation. The car can detect obstacles and other vehicles thus avoiding accidents, park and come to you with a phone call all by itself. This is achieved with an array of sensors, vehicle-to-vehicle communication and GPS connectivity. The EN-V has also the ability of Platooning; a technology in which if one vehicle detects another similar vehicle, it tags itself behind that vehicle making one as the leader and the other follower. Other standard features include climate control and storage space for your favourite things.

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