GM has issued a recall of 1.55 Chevrolet lakh cars in India due to a wiring issue linked to the remote locking system. It is the biggest recall in India till date.

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GM has been known for recalls in India as most of the Chevrolet cars sold in India have been recalled due to one or the other issue. However, most of the times the number of affected cars was not too high and the matter was managed well. This time around, the American automaker has issued a recall of 1.55 lakh cars manufactured between 2007 and 2014 due to a fault in the wiring of the keyless entry system. The two hatchbacks from the lineup – Spark and Beat along with the MPV Enjoy are the vehicles affected by the recall. This is the biggest recall in India till date beating the recall of 1.14 lakh Chevrolet Taveras due to emission issues.

Although the issue isn’t with any integral part of the car but with an accessory fitted at the dealer level in most cases, GM is recalling the vehicles to sort the issue out. The recall is limited to those cars which are fitted with keyless entry system provided by AutoCop. The fault in the wiring could lead to passengers being locked inside the car which could be catastrophic. All the affected car owners have been requested to take their vehicles to their nearest authorised service centre which would rectify the issue within two hours and it goes without saying that the repairs done would be free of cost.

India doesn’t yet have a compulsory recall code which ensures that the manufacturers have to recall cars if there’s any faulty component in the car. However, a voluntary code for recall has been formulated by SIAM and manufacturers have not shied away from recalling cars under the same. Since 2012, the year when the code was introduced, around 8 lakh cars have been recalled by various manufacturers over issues ranging from wiring issues to airbag issues to emission norm flouting. While one may think that if a car is recalled the brand value goes down, the fact is that it increases the confidence of a customer in the brand because they feel the vehicle is being constantly tested. However, too many recalls and that indicates poor quality control.

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