India’s love for larger cars becomes more evident as the Datsun GO+ MPV manages to beat the GO hatchback in sales in April and May 2015.

Datsun GO+ MPV Test Drive Review
The GO+ MPV attracts a wider audience as compared to the GO hatchback

Nissan revived the Datsun budget brand after a very long time and went on to launch the GO hatchback in India. The GO hatchback boasted of a roomy cabin and larger dimensions as compared to its rivals. It was a very promising chapter for Datsun to begin with but unfortunately for Nissan, the hatchback did not manage to sell well in the country after it was criticised for performing terribly in the NCAP crash test. After the MPV segment started witnessing climbing sales, Datsun went on to launch the GO+ in our country, which is basically an compact wagon based on the GO.

The latter launched Datsun GO+ carries over all the design elements from the hatchback it is based on, except for the fact that it has an extended rear section to make space for third row of seating. The MPV is performing better than the GO hatchback in terms of sales as well. In April 2015, the GO managed 1062 units and the GO+ managed 1563 units. The same story followed in May 2015 also as Datsun was able to roll out just 659 units of the GO hatchback, while 1058 units of the GO+ MPV found new homes.

The Datsun GO has been around in the market for over a year now and the car managed to sell 2691 units in April 2014. This figure is much more when compared to the GO+ for April 2015 (1563 units). Therefore, it is quite evident that the GO’s sales have eased off due to much of the negative buzz surrounding the vehicle. The same however cannot be said for the GO+ MPV, as the vehicle is still relatively fresh in the market and is expected to outsell its compatriot till the time Datsun does not come up with a new marketing strategy or an update for the GO hatchback.

Datsun GO Test Drive Review
GO’s sales have been dwindling downwards and the car now desperately needs an update