Duster vs EcoSport Terrano Comparison

2013 has been a slow year or that’s what most automobile analysts will want you to believe. These pundits aren’t wrong, after all there has been a decrease in demand and that has led to a pile-up of inventory, postponement of investment plans and the vicious cycle continues. Among all this, there are a few vehicles which have shone bright for their manufacturers, getting them 24-karat of pure bright gold. So the case in point being that good products create demand that can outrun a slowdown, making customers care less about the rather dismal condition of the economy.

Just look at the Ford EcoSport and Honda Amaze, these two cars should become a case study for other automobile manufacturers. Because Ford and Honda have got products which have re-written the games of the segment, spurring demand out of nowhere. This clearly points to the fact that if a user is provided with value, making a buying decision isn’t all that difficult. Renault managed it with the Duster while Hyundai is also doing great numbers with the Grand i10, it’s become their best selling car already.

2013 is gone and 2014 is expected to be a good year for the Indian automobile industry. The upcoming Auto Expo is sure to create excitement around upcoming launches and all the manufacturers are going to try their very best to woo customers to their fold. A plethora of cars and bikes will be showcased at the biennial event but so that the company’s voice is not drowned in the hoopla, launches will take place at a later stage. Will a game changer vehicle hit our roads in 2014? We are betting on at least 3 game changing products to go on sale next year, punching the slowdown out of sight!

Amaze vs DZire