Rohan Salgarkar Chevrolet Beat

Hi, this is Rohan Salgarkar and I want to share my experience. I walked to the 3M Car Care in Vimanangar Pune. The executive Umesh was very helpful and enterprising and explained the details of the process. He recommended an additional treatment to the existing UV, that of Paint protection, detailing and scratch removal, since my car is 1.5 years old.

I wasn’t convinced 100% hence he put a demo patch on my car. The result was significantly better with just a few rounds of polishing. I was happy and handed over the car. The total estimated time was 5 hours. I wondered, are they serious??? But yes, the 3M guys took detailing very seriously. First they took the car on the ramp and cleaned all the plastic parts, small gaps, tar marks, Every possible gap where u can reach only with a fine brush. They gave a good foam wash to the car cleaning every possible dust. The car had started shining already. This had consumed an hour. They wiped the car (only with special micro fiber cloth) and covered every plastic part..even the indicators and rubber strips and antenna.

The clay process followed, which removed most of the scratches on the paint. This was a lengthy process and consumed almost 2 hours. The special glaze treatment added shine to the paint up to 65 microns (any new car has up to 45, as per 3M). The car was almost done and the owner of 3M Car Care outlet did the last inspection and deployed few more work hours to cover some minute details left.

The results were WOW!!. My car had lost its glaze and being black, it was visible although more. But now I’m happy it looks better than a new one (not exaggerating). I will make it to their outlet after couple of months for a wax wash, which will make the treatment stay effective for a longer period. Hope this experience will act as a guidance for those looking to get a treatment done for their cars.

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