Harley-Davidson has managed to sell more units of the Street 750 in India than the Royal Enfield Continental GT in the month of December 2014.

Harley Davidson Street 750 Review
The Street 750 is the most affordable bike in the Harley-Davidson India portfolio

In what we can call a surprising development, the Indian ‘Heavy’ bike brand Royal Enfield has managed to overtake Harley-Davidson in terms of global sales. Both the companies released sales figures recently. Royal Enfield saw a growth of 70% in terms of sales as compared to the year 2013 whereas Harley-Davidson could manage a growth of only 3%. Harley-Davidson sells bikes with engine displacement above 700cc whereas Royal Enfield sells bikes with engine displacements below 535cc. Both sell bikes at very different price points. The Harley-Davidson range starts at Rs. 5 lakhs in India and the Royal Enfield range tops out at around Rs. 2 lakhs.

However, when we took a closer look at Indian sales figures, we noticed that Harley-Davidson managed to sell more units of the Street 750 (259 units) in the month of December when compared to the Royal Enfield Continental GT (130 units). With an improvement in Indian roads, people are getting attracted towards big capacity bikes. Riding has become a lifestyle activity in India. One of the major reasons for Harley-Davidson’s increased sales in India is their rider group called HOG where they keep organising rides for the owners. The Street 750 has made entry to this exclusive club much more affordable for those interested.

Harley-Davidson has been really aggressive in India and has been constantly increasing its presence across the nation. They have opened quite a few new dealerships which has helped them garner more sales and attention. The fact that one can customise their Harley-Davidson bike as per their liking with the available accessories and paint schemes makes it an involving and interesting proposition. Harley-Davidson also has a roadside assistance program for registered owners in order to cause lesser inconvenience to them in case of a breakdown.

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