Due to high temperatures recorded in the national capital, the road markings, i.e., zebra crossings in Safdarjung (South Delhi) have melted away, showing the poor quality of paint and tarmac used.

Poor Quality Roads Delhi
The white paint has simply melted and disappeared

The summer of 2015 has been one of the worst in recent years in India. With temperatures comfortably hovering over the 42°C mark in majority of the cities, many people have lost their lives as a result and city authorities are also having a bad time to take care of the sulking conditions. More than 1100 people have died due to the high temperatures across the country in just over a fortnight and the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are bearing the maximum brunt of the same. High temperatures have also exposed the poor quality of materials used in constructing our roads as well.

Such is the condition of paint used in Delhi roads, that they have liquefied from the heat. That’s right, the pictures depicts how the same has happened in Safdarjung, which lies in South Delhi. The white paint used in marking the zebra crossings have simply lost their shape and melted away due to the high temperatures in the national capital. Yes, the temperatures are very high, but the marking on roads are not supposed to melt away and disappear altogether. This shows the poor quality of materials used by the respective authorities in constructing the roads of our country or Delhi in this case.

This topic has gathered much headlines across various websites and civic amenities responsible for the same have not responded as of now. It is really disappointing to see such a condition occur because road markings are very important for the safety of vehicles and pedestrians alike. Though very few people cross the roads from zebra crossing in our country, but if the government itself is so careless about such things then there is no way of inculcating these facts into the public’s mind. On the severe heat front, respite in the form of rain is only expected around 31st May, when the southwest monsoon hits the Indian mainland.

Poor Quality Road Construction Delhi
You can see the pedestrians not using the zebra crossing

Picture Source – HindustanTimes.com