Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance Policy
Image credits – Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Indians love to ride their motorcycles. It is fun, it’s economical and it’s the most efficient way to navigate the crowded Indian roads. One can get a sense of the popularity of two-wheelers in India from the fact that there are almost seven times more number of two-wheelers in the country compared to cars[1]. Moreover, they account for almost three-fourth of all registered vehicles. On the flipside, however, two-wheelers also account for the highest share in the total number of road accident deaths in the country[2].

It is a well-known fact that monsoons are the time when driving conditions deteriorate significantly and vehicles become more prone to mishaps and breakdowns[3]. People who love riding motorcycles also understand the perils of using them during the monsoon. While battling torrential rain is a challenge in itself, the worsening condition of our already battered roads poses a greater peril[4]. Accidents happen rather frequently in India when the ‘rainy season’ kicks in and added to that is the possibility of mechanical or electrical failures, which might leave one stranded[5].

Why Comprehensive Insurance Cover?

No matter how much you invest in protective gear, you need a bigger ‘safety net’ to protect yourself in case of a mishap – a bike insurance policy. However, just having a third-party cover may not necessarily be enough. Such a policy would protect you legally from liability towards a third party with whom your vehicle is involved in an accident. However, it would neither cover the cost of your vehicle’s repair, nor would it pay for your medical treatment if you also get injured. On the other hand, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy does all of that. Moreover, a comprehensive insurance policy also covers expenses for damages caused to your two-wheeler due to water-logging in monsoons, or any other natural and man-made disaster, or even events like theft. So it is crucial to have a comprehensive and up-to-date two-wheeler insurance policy in order to have a safe and worry-free ride on your beloved two-wheeler, especially during the monsoons. 

Consider upgrading your policy

While your bike insurance policy may cover the cost of repairs in the event of a mishap, you can make most of this protection by choosing some upgrades along with your base policy. For instance, you can choose riders or add-ons like “zero depreciation add-on”, “24×7 roadside assistance add-on”, “engine protection cover” and “accident cover for pillion rider”. You can go with third party bike insurance and comprehensive plans from Bajaj Allianz General Insurance that offers all these upgrades to choose from, among some others as well.

With age and usage, two-wheelers depreciate. So when a claim is made on an older vehicle, the depreciation is deducted and the insured person gets a lower amount than the actual claim and has to beat some expenses out of his or her own pocket. But by choosing a zero depreciation cover, the full amount due for the claim can be compensated. So you need not compromise with your vehicle’s protection. The engine protection add-on is also quite useful, especially during the monsoons when water seepage can cause a “hydrolock” with water entering the engine compartment. The cost to repair hydrolocked engines is significant and in some cases the engines can be completely damaged. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance offers engine protection cover as an add-on that protects your two-wheeler in case of water ingression, gearbox damage, and lubricant leakage, among others. It is an upgrade you must consider for your motorcycle this monsoons.

And since you never know when you may get stranded with a vehicle breakdown, you could always go with the roadside assistance two wheeler insurance cover add-on, especially if you travel long distances on your bike. It provides you 24*7 support in any roadside assistance situations including flat tyres, jump-starting the bike, breakdowns and other electrical problems, fuel assistance, electrical or mechanical breakdown, towing and so on. This add-on also covers delivery of the repaired two-wheeler at your doorstep.

There is no doubt that if you really care about your bike, comprehensive bike insurance is the way to go. With these add-on features, you can upgrade your two-wheeler insurance policy to ensure complete protection for your vehicle during these monsoons. You can opt for these upgrades when you buy a new policy, or even during the two wheeler insurance renewal. Be a smart rider and upgrade your two-wheeler policy today, even if it costs a little extra.  Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.