Hero MotoCorp will only take back BS4 stock from Delhi dealers.

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Only Delhi dealers will get relief from the company for unsold stock

Recently there was this news of Hero MotoCorp absorbing all the unsold BS4 stock from all dealers across the country. However a dealer has now confirmed that it is not true.

The Indian 2-wheeler maker will only take back unsold BS4 inventory from Delhi dealers. That’s because the extension of BS4 vehicle sales doesn’t apply for the national capital.

Hence, all other dealers in the country will have to bear the loss. They can sell 10 percent of their stock with 10 days extension. The dealer stated they have billed the unsold stock in their own names.

Some of the dealers billed up to 900 2-wheelers in their own names. They are expected to liquidate the stock with heavy discounts once the lockdown is over.

The unsold inventory which Hero will take back from Delhi dealers is likely to be exported to other markets.

Hero MotoCorp BS4 Stock

– Supreme Court hasn’t given extension of BS4 stock sales in Delhi
– The company will only take back unsold BS4 stock from Delhi dealers
– Hero won’t absorb BS4 stock of all other dealers across the country

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Hero MotoCorp is not taking back unsold stock from any other state of the country

Source – Team-BHP.com