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Hero MotorCorp showcased the Hastur at the 2014 Auto Expo and the bike managed to grab a lot of eyeballs from each and everyone who saw or heard about it. The Hastur comes as a surprise from a manufacturer who is best known as the maker of entry-level bikes like the Splendor. Now, further details about the Hastur sports bike have been revealed through a video and we can certainly say that Hero MotoCorp has got a splendid product on their hand, at least on paper. While this isn’t a volume churner, it will surely act as a brand builder for the world’s largest 2-wheeler company.

The Hero Hastur will be powered by a 620cc liquid-cooled, parallel twin-cylinder engine churning out 80 PS of power and 72 Nm of torque. The manufacturer has put broad tyres on the bike to enhance its sporty character and to improve dynamics and stability. The Controlled Swirl Injection (CSI) cylinder head has been patented by Hero. Since this is such a powerful bike, the stopping power also needs to be good and hence Hero is providing dual disc brakes at the front. To further improve the Hastur’s appeal, the company has also fitted dual projector headlamps which will provide great illumination along with doing the part of looking sporty.

Hero MotoCorp claims that the Hastur can manage a top speed of 240 km/hr. The sprint from 0-100 km/hr takes just 3.8 seconds to cover. The chassis is of space frame type and the bike weighs 160 kgs. The speedometer is incorporated in a nice TFT display with a blue backlit. The rear suspension consists of a monoshock while there is an inverted suspension at the front. We have already shown you the pictures of the Hastur when it was displayed at the Auto Expo and it is needless to say that Hero has got the design right. We are very excited about the Hastur and awaiting the official launch. Expect the Hero Hastur to be priced under Rs. 5 lakhs.

Hero MotoCorp Hastur 620cc

Hero MotoCorp Hastur Design

Hero MotoCorp Hastur Engine

Hero Hastur 620cc

Hero MotoCorp Hastur

Hero MotoCorp Hastur Front

Hero MotoCorp Hastur Lights

Hero MotoCorp Hastur Tank

Hero MotoCorp Hastur Rear-Seat

Hero MotoCorp Hastur Rear