The Hero and Magneti Marelli joint venture has come with a ‘Production and Development Centre’ in India for electronic fuel injection systems.

Hero Magneti Marelli Joint Venture
Hero will become India’s first 2-wheeler manufacturer to have its own EFI product-line

Hero’s domination in the Indian two-wheeler market was taken a step further after the joint venture (JV) with the Milan (Italy) headquartered, Magneti Marelli (MM). They have just recently inaugurated their first autonomous ‘Production and Development Centre’ at Manesar, in the north Indian state of Haryana. The joint venture firm HMC-MM Auto Ltd was formed a year and a half ago with a plan to roll out its first fuel injected two-wheeler by 2015. In the joint venture firm, Hero holds the majority stake of 60 percent while Magneti Marelli holds the remaining 40 percent.

With the plant being successfully setup, Hero has become the first Indian two-wheeler manufacturer to have an electronic fuel injection (EFI) unit of its own. The new centre was inaugurated at a big glittering ceremony which was attended by several dignitaries including senior company officials, key research and development executives and other associates of the two brands. The new facility will serve as an innovation hub and a production facility for developing new-generation fuelling systems for Hero’s future motorcycles. The first product to have the EFI system will most likely be the upcoming HX250R.

HMC-MM Auto Ltd will help in building electronic fuel injection systems that will offer many different advantages to the engines used in Hero’s two-wheelers such as, adapting to the different climates of our country, altitudes, improved performance and fuel efficiency, environmental regulations and gasoline blends. Additional technologies which include immobilisers, traction and slip control, multi map, flexi fuel and multi fuel management etc. will also be available.

Keeping with its vision of achieving technological leadership in the global two-wheeler arena, Hero entered into a Joint Venture with Magneti Marelli to form a new entity “HMC-MM Auto Ltd” in December 2013. The new electronic fuel injection system (EFI) will help Hero to improve the fuel efficiency of its vehicles which nowadays is a main determining factor for every buyer. The joint venture between the Indian and Italian organisations, hoped to generate a revenue of $100 million within five years of forming the JV and further double the amount over the following ten years. They may even consider selling their technology to other companies in the future.

Hero MotoCorp HX250R 08
The HX250R will be the first bike to feature the EFI system developed through the JV