Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune are markets where Hero MotoCorp offers the buyback scheme on scooters.

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The BuySurance scheme is currently offered in Pune, Bengaluru and Delhi

Hero MotoCorp Buyback scheme for scooters has been tested in Pune before introducing it to Bengaluru and Delhi. The company has plans to launch this scheme in the top-10 market in India in the coming period.

The scheme BuySurance had been launched in Pune in the month of March to test the response of the market. Every customer that purchases a new Hero Scooter will receive a guaranteed buyback certificate by used two-wheeler brand CREDR with fixed buyback value matrix in an interval of six months over the next five years.

Officials at Hero MotoCorp have said that the buyback scheme is a first of its kind in the Indian 2-wheeler market and assures the customer a future resale of the Hero scooter that they purchase. To claim the BuySurance benefits, customers would have to reach out to Hero dealerships along with their scooter and the buyback certificate to claim BuySurance benefits.

Hero Scooter Buyback Scheme

– The BuySurance scheme was first introduced in Pune in March
– The scheme guarantees the resale of your Hero scooter
– Currently, the scheme is available in three cities in India

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CREDR will provide a guaranteed buyback certificate