Hero Xtreme Sports 2014

Hero MotoCorp has shown a lot of promise in the past few months as the company showcased a slew of products but only a few of them have gone on sale. The automaker has charted a new plan of bringing products to the market, which is without doubt confusing. The Karizma twins have gone on sale, a TVC has been made as well but the company’s PR team is yet to send out an official launch announcement detailing the price. Instead, every launch seems to be announced either by the dealer or the company’s website. There are no bikes for the media to test either.

Now Hero plans to roll out two bikes as the festive season is approaching. The automaker recently launched the Hero Passion TR, priced at Rs. 53,531/- and now the Splendor Pro Classic and Xtreme Sports will be put on sale in the month of August. All these bikes aren’t new but new variants of existing products. The focus is on the Splendor as it’s the top selling bike of India, thus the Splendor iSmart was launched and the new Splendor Pro Classic is further expected to boost the image of India’s top selling motorcycle brand.

The Hero Splendor Pro Classic is a cafe racer motorcycle which will try to induce some style in this commuter bike. While the styling might look very eye-catchy, one must not forget that the Pro Classic is going to become the cheapest way to flaunt style on a motorcycle in India. The underpinnings and mechanicals remain the same as before, so the Splendor Pro Classic will draw power from a 97.2cc engine which outputs 7.7 BHP and 8.04 Nm, so yes, the Pro Classic is all show and no go.

The Hero Xtreme Sports is a sporty variant of the popular 150cc Xtreme motorcycle which gets a boost in power output (the torque output remains the same at 12.8 Nm). The Xtreme Sports produces 15.2 BHP of power and weighs in at 148 kgs. This could be Hero’s answer to the upcoming 160cc bike from Honda, or was it the other way round in the first place (the Xtreme came first so probably Honda is responding to Hero with a 160cc bike). Now Hero should move their focus on bringing the HX250R to the market immediately as that’s one bike which is highly anticipated by one and all.

Hero Splendor Pro Classic Front

Hero Splendor Pro Classic Side

Hero Splendor Pro Classic Rear